Application Centric Infrastructure Design & Deployment

Businesses define the needs and scope of applications, Application and its Service Level Agreements drive the design and complexity of the infrastructure that support these applications. Our senior teams use Application specific criteria&aopos;s such as type of application, user base, response time sensitivity, risk, security and other design influencing parameters to initiate the infrastructure design phase.

We understand how applications rely on infrastructure to deliver Business transactions, our teams have developed disciplined approach to ensure Applications best use the infrastructure without compromising on any standards and requirements.

This begins with rigorous requirements gathering phase, to design deploy and test. Our practices have repeatedly revealed that devoting upfront essential time leads us to design infrastructure framework that is fast delivering, robust and long lasting. Our methods also ensure to evaluate the use of emerging technologies during design so as to retain the competitive edge. Our approach to Design Infrastructure and Deploy are Application Centric rather than using Infrastructure Generic approach and therefore efficiencies are substantial.

Using the above practices we have delivered successful solutions that include migration of applications and deployment of applications on new frameworks, platforms for various Lines of Businesses.

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