Multi-tier Application Characterization

In todays world Applications need to process and produce voluminous and various Business transactions. To cater to such needs application footprints have grown, they have become more complex and sophisticated with many upstream and downstream dependencies. Thus applications have now become Multi-tier also more often to support the modular design concept, to satisfy risk and security requirements and other criteria's.

These Internet or intranet based Multi-tier applications can be subjected to wide-ranging behavior when they override diverse infrastructure. Characterizing of these applications in set of ways to understand their behaviors and response patterns as they traverse the infrastructure has become a necessity for efficient service delivery. This characterization of applications includes various types such as web, application, database, mainframe, other tier products and how they use the systems, networks and protocols together.

Our teams have developed techniques and procedures using toolsets and utilities to perform such complex Multi-Tier Characterization of Application Transactions. These analysis not only provide tactical recommendations for improvement of response times but also bring to light, inferences that at times have significantly influenced the strategic roadmaps of application development.

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