Application Onboarding

This process or step could be deemed as epitome of all the earlier rigorous and collaborative engineering work. Application onboarding (in essence Business Onboarding to IT) process holds a value that could have phenomenal impact on the service delivery and operational excellence. The benefits are multifold and intriguing, however if this step is skipped the disadvantages could turn to be nightmares, invariably it could impact time-to-market, satisfy service levels and meet operational smoothness.

Our Architects have developed this niche ability that is based on years of experience in onboarding hundreds of applications. This practice entails a long-horizon view and ensures that offerings are scalable in diverse facets such as integration, deployment, operations, future application development and further enhancement. We were successful in developing and now maturing the practice using comprehensive know-how across technologies, their inter-dependencies, hard-work and scrupulous-approach. Our attitude towards continuous research, strive to attain and sustain excellence has led to this indispensable body of work, that the effects of this resonate across technology teams, management teams and clients. Our Application Onboarding Process generates design diagram per application that drives upstream and downstream activities and teams that operate in harmony.

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