Multi-tier Application Re-engineering

Sometimes Applications are developed to satisfy the Business Timelines which not necessarily may allow enough time for concept, develop and further phases, applications in such scenarios are hastily developed to meet tactical objectives which most often will not meet the strategic roadmap. In some scenarios even with proper planning the application development group may not have the intelligence of how these applications and their transactions would use the real Production Infrastructure Systems and Paths.

Again more-often we have also seen that due to corporate procedures and multi-cultured-IT-groups there could be high probability of teams operating in Silo's when the genuine need is to work as cohesive think-tank in early stages of Application development and its alignment with real infrastructure that may span geographies. Pre-Deployment work in such compressed timelines would not necessarily cover the length and breadth of impacts and effects that may be seen during actual rollout.

Our teams in such crisis situations have conducted Pre-Deployment Analysis of how Applications may perform. This method and practice has made our teams cognitive about Application Engineering that uses diverse platforms.

It has further nurtured the ability to identify shortcomings in the Application code, the impact of weak Application Architecture on transaction productivity. Our teams have also developed practice to conduct similar work at the early stages of application development in Systems Integration Test environment. These approaches have holistic dimensions that envision and evaluate the dynamics that exist when resources under various IT verticals are consumed and shared.

In hindsight these practice has enabled even sensitive multi-tiered applications to continuously perform, drive synergies and bring in remarkable enhancements to Application Delivery that satisfies Service Level Agreement.

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