IT Network Capacity Planning

Network Capacity design plays a crucial role in sustaining solutions that have to meet ever-growing Business demands. If not planned and managed quiescently can lead to business delivery disasters, bringing often the delivery to stand-still due to choking effects on the network pipes, devices, logical buffers and queues.

Pre-Deployment Analysis or prior Capacity Modeling study for new Business volume rollouts is imperative to ascertain a guaranteed and sustained network solution.

Our teams conduct network capacity planning study ranging from an exhaustive analysis to a quicker turnaround overview analysis. This analysis scope includes entire Network such as LAN, WAN, the devices or it could only be very specific to certain WAN circuits, or a specific LAN or few devices such as distribution routers and switches.

Our expert team begins with top-down methodology wherein the transaction path from the user to the last server tier is chalked. We are adept at conducting network modeling and planning to determine the new state Network capacity that will support the new Business and increased volumes.

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