E2E Detailed Infrastructure (Application Networks, Distributed & Mainframe Systems)

Infrastructure provides the essential transport fabric for applications to perform, performance of applications is core to business goals. So deeper knowledge of infrastructure in multifold dimensions becomes imperative. Some of these facets include footprint across geographies, presence across data centers, logical categorization of zones/tiers, virtual grouping of networks, logical mapping of network and server systems to security zones, database mapping on high speed tiered setup and storage arrays. These facades also include dependency to third party systems, feeds, market and reference data, communication protocols, utilities and systems software.

Discovery and mapping of these infrastructure components and their relationships that embodies the end to end infrastructure to support the Business Process can truly magnify the design and operational excellence. This could be only be realized by pristine and meticulous depiction of the above end-to-end picture.

Our teams possess these uncommon skills that produce unified visualizations of end-to-end infrastructures, which illustrate not only striking but also subtle variations of infrastructure elements and their association.

Related Reading below includes some example projects on E2E views that our teams have delivered.

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