Infrastructure Asset and Inventory Pilot's

I.T Inventory and Asset Management are functions that perform an instrumental role in cost savings through consolidation, legacy modernization, infrastructure management and tracking. These practices enable the global corporations to know their IT infrastructure and software footprint, cost structure for their IT assets, licensing and other significant credentials. This method to know your IT elements and components provide critical inputs during migration, merger & acquisition activities.

Our teams are proficient and prudent at building manual and automated tools driven process to discover, identify and inventory the entire IT element footprint across the board. This discovery and mapping of devices, configuration and their association with other elements, makes available a crucial set of information that could be used for various strategic programs that enable new business solutions, and bring in consolidation based efficiencies.

Our teams have conducted proof of concept initiatives that have used various techniques, tools available off-the-shelf and custom developed integration methods to deploy solutions that are practical and scalable.

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