Network Architecture Design

Global Network Designs, the protocol designs that use these networks, their convergence to establish fast, reliable and cost-effective routes is a key to today's networks and global business delivery.

Structured, hierarchical approach in designing global networks that use yesterday's path-breaking and today's exciting network technology devices, protocols and techniques play a vital role in defining and designing faster and ever performing network engines.

Our Network Architects and Engineers ensure that they produce designs that use various underlying layers at the best, provide reliable switching, routing, virtual closed networks, virtual & hot standby failover and virtual switch over for hot-hot resiliency.

Our teams are also exercise proficiency in delivery various required flavours of Network Design Solution Delivery that include secure networks, compliant networks, VPN's, third party vendor secure connectivity, firewall engineering, network QoS designs for real-time applications and Network Capacity Designs. We deliver such comprehensive solutions based on proven practice that has delivered successful Business transactions.

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