Network Deployment & Implementation

IT Networks bring infrastructure systems and modules of applications, business processes together to perform in coalescence. Efficient performing networks depend upon optimal design of network architecture, structured deployment strategy and process-oriented implementation plan that could comprise manual and automated steps. This would also include the monitoring and tracking plan to complete the feedback loop of reporting the network deployment and implementation success milestones.

Network Deployment & Implementation shall begin from thorough understanding of Network Design Blueprint, a process-wise procurement of network components, Network data-center floor design plan, rack and stack, error-less reporting of infrastructure devices & elements into inventory & deployment tracking process including the physical, virtual and logical coordinates, physical cabling and logical interconnecting, on demand and mass deployment of system software and configuration, deployment of network stack specific, function specific software image and configuration. The Network Deployment and Implementation method would also include appropriate checks, reporting at every predefined step for tracking and monitoring the stepwise progress of global network deployment and implementation initiative. Various automated tools can be used for modules of delivery such as system software image deployment, configuration deployment, etc.

Our teams are proficient in organized delivery of this know-how for spectrum of Network and associated technology verticals including routers, switches, firewalls, load-balancers, high speed WAN circuits, Network Protocols, Network VPN's, QoS, Citrix, Virtualization technologies, VDI, etc.

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