Network Incident management & Problem Management

Businesses commit delivery to their clients based on Service Level Agreements (SLA), by exercising SLA's they also set the client expectations. These outbound SLA's internally mandate IT service organizations to define various thresholds and limits for service operations and delivery. These thresholds govern the service delivery framework.

Any transcends are flagged as outliers or Incidents. If these Incidents sustain for period of time, which could cause service disruptions, are then identified as problems.

This Science of managing incidents and problems at the core is a corrective process whose primary responsibility is to correct the outliers, fix outages so as to sustain smoothness in business delivery. Impact in such circumstances to business can be substantial or in cases detrimental, which could lead to loss of credibility and reputation, this could further bear regulatory penalties.

Incidents & problems include not only complete failure and service non-availability scenarios but also soft failure and performance conditions which slow down business delivery effectively rendering less business realization.

This corrective operations management, which is invoked primarily in a reactive mode, could be adequately made proactive in its approach. Thus reducing the number of actual outages, downtimes and increasing the overall availability.

Our teams are adept at turning around this basic reactive process into predominantly a proactive one using a customized combination of tools, techniques, people and process. We have gained experience of introducing operational excellence in the incident and problem management which substantiates a more smoother business delivery. Our teams also extensively evaluate trouble ticket analysis and the feedback loop to identify a more common set of problems (20%) based on incidents and processes that lead to major downtimes (80%). Implementation of associated recommendations have substantially increased productivity and reduced losses.

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