Network Security Assessments

Today's Information Technology enabled businesses vastly depend upon interconnecting fabric, that is IT Networks. These IT Networks span across geographies but they bring widely spread business locations together and closer.

These IT networks are made of various components, devices, links, cables, high speed circuits, radio-frequency links, satellite based links and last mile wired and wireless communications. These business networks leverage a variety of service-provider links and networks, public and private network clouds, business partner connectivity's, communication protocols and software configurations. Enterprise Networks are made of routers, switches, physical and data link circuits, firewalls, load balancers, content switches, physical and virtual local area networks, metropolitan and wide area networks. These elements are interconnected in a logical and hierarchical pattern and they are segmented using network zones. Software and protocol configurations are applied to make them live performing network engines.

In today's world using shared, virtualized, non-physical, wireless and cloud-based services have become more commonplace standard for efficiency and cost savings.

Nevertheless, this has introduced an unprecedented level of susceptibility to interference, intrusion and hacking. Furthermore the risk and compliance agencies are demanding more stringent standards and safeguards to secure from threats and breaches.

Network Security Assessments therefore during these times have become crucial and necessary.

Our teams have delivered projects in Device Hardening, Network Vulnerability Assessments, Information Systems Security and Compliance Assessments. We help conduct security assessments to minimize exposure to risks and also ensure remediating the gaps.

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