Migration Merger & Re-engineering Services

IT Migration, Merger & Acquisitions are integral to business and economic dynamics. They form an innate part of Business Life Cycles. Our teams have supported such large-scale initiatives at various times in diverse dimensions.

We have delivered extensive programs to our clients that belong to financial and insurance sector. Multifold planning, analysis, guided delivery and follow-through with feedback loop are the basis of such wide-ranging programs. Technology oversight and insight is critical requirement. Knowledge and experience of various verticals such as Application Software, Systems Software, Infrastructure components, their coexistence and across-the-board approach with business overlay is essential for such programs.

Our teams together possess this experience set that has enabled us in the past and on an ongoing basis to meet client expectations. These programs have made clients capable to realize enormous efficiencies and cost savings. Further it has also made business delivery faster, reliable, compliant and on par with the latest industry standards.

Our Architects, engineers and program managers have lead activities that include lift & drop, complete revamp of the target state application and IT infrastructure, convergence and consolidation of IT presence at data centers.

Our Service Portfolio Options are listed in the adjacent section.

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