Resiliency Assessments

Networks hold together geographically dispersed functional sub-entities of corporate businesses together in coalescence. Therefore they form the critical transport fabric of business entities that enables the businesses to transact within and externally with Clients and Partners. High availability of such networks directly relates to high availability of performing business and transactions. Network Architects and Engineers build networks that are based on cost, criticality, business functions and use. Usage of such networks and environment evolves, however the architecture, design and engineering that needs to support the new SLA’s and Client commitments may or may not progressively evolve. Besides other urgent factors and focus areas may deflect the right kind of attention that may be otherwise required. This may leave gaps and weaknesses that Business and I.T. Operate departments may not be cognizant about. Generally this leads to unexpected failures at unwanted times resulting in varying degree of loss that may include significant financial and reputational damage. Timely Resiliency Assessments hence plays a key role in identifying such risks, areas of weaknesses, and sore points well ahead of a potential failure event.

Our teams are adept and possess proven experience in conducting resiliency assesments that includes a methodology using tools and techniques. It includes evaluating high availability architecture, redundant paths, network elements, failure event analysis, and configuration analysis that includes protocols and all other configurations. We conclude the study with definite set of findings identifying potential issues and possible remediation alternatives and solutions.

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