Specific Key Path Monitoring

Business Processes are made of Suite of Applications, Applications comprise of coherent and diverse Business Transactions. These transactions, most of them being critical to Business realization traverse a varied set of modular Infrastructure set that includes numerous nodes, devices, circuits, routers, switches firewalls, distributed & mainframe server systems and software processes that represent the top-down TCI/IP stack spanning across data centers and geographies.

These transactions use least cost and best efficient paths through all these infrastructure components to accomplish the goal of the transaction. Therefore this traverse path becomes key logical route that needs to be monitored for proactive and reactive responses.

These Key Paths are supported by specific set of elements as listed above. These elements become the lifeline for the transaction. Designs that support High Availability ensure multiple least cost or just paths through these elements. Formation of paths depends not only on various elements but also various protocols that use technology to align themselves in logical and hierarchical pattern.

Conclusively Business returns, availability and credibility depends on Key transactions which in effect rely on availability of these specific Key Paths.

Our experienced and prudent teams have developed a method that identifies these Key paths in complex IT infrastructure, used know-how on wide-ranging tools and techniques that cater to monitor these paths at various levels of TCP/IP stack. Our teams have put together design and process including multiple toolsets to monitor these critical paths. Business Manager use these end-to-end visualizations to track the status of their Businesses.

Please see Related Reading to view a sample on Proof of Concept design used for one of our clients and other related details.

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