Traffic Engineering (QoS Services)

Traffic engineering is a crucial engineering technique that plays an instrumental function in making Applications and various kinds of uses possible to its full potential on a diverse network and infrastructure backdrop. Usually a corporate infrastructure that spans across geographies has a very hybrid and varied theme of their connectivity map that includes many types of network and Infrastructure connectivity patterns including non-uniform bandwidth, diverse technology and equipment’s that build these connectivity patterns. Our Traffic Engineering and planning exercise uses holistic approach in defining and designing traffic patterns and circuit maps for corporate and clients across private, public networks and the Internet.

In today’s world ever increasing use and reliance on public and Internet including corporate networks has become a commonplace scenario. With businesses now being more often conducted online over the web in its multi-faceted form such as electronic commerce, business critical applications, Voice(VoIP), Video, On-demand solutions, Multimedia applications or Live-streaming solutions, it has become never-than-before essential to ensure and assure the quality, reliability and performance of these usages.

Our proficient teams use rich project experience in formulating designs and using traffic engineering techniques such as traffic shaping, re-routing, MPLS, policing and queuing. We engineer and deploy industry-wide available QoS techniques based on Classification & Marking, Congestion Avoidance and Prioritization.

Our teams also use available QoS models from vendors that are based on Best-Effort, Integrated, Differentiated and other proprietary models.

We also use prudence in conducting research and identifying Traffic Compression and Acceleration techniques, tools that improvise overall solution performance.

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