VoIP Deployments

Communication within Business Communities, Clients, Partners and Internal teams has become more than a necessity for basic existence. Delivery of Voice Services using newer technologies has made it possible to realize such kind of multitude and seamless communication. This has made implementation of thoughts, ideas, plans, processes and in larger role Business goals much faster and smoother. Voice over IP (VoIP) - a new path breaking technology offers an unprecedented leverage and benefits over the traditional and legacy circuit switched PSTN based voice communication. The best advantage of VoIP is that it can use the existing established Data Network of LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) that uses packet-switched technology. VoIP and such packet-based technologies have brought in major turning-point on the road to next generation convergence wherein data, voice and video can now be delivered on a single network. This has enabled businesses to maximize returns on their technology investments, besides broadening their communication capabilities and offering mobility, flexibility and saving enormous volume of recurring costs that otherwise would have been incurred based on usage to the telecom companies. Further these enhanced technologies provide a huge scaling opportunity within corporate networks.

However this convergence has added a daunting complexity to the overall network mix. Further in certain client specific scenarios sometimes it is required to support multi-vendor, multi-technology, including mix of both legacy devices, traditional voice technology in hybrid with the latest VoIP developments, standard, devices and equipment. Our teams offer a competent experience in transition and transformation of delivering voice using VoIP technology and its various standards. We use several standards-based choices that are available for signaling protocols including H.323, SIP, MGCP,H.248, SCCP, RTP , etc. This also includes comprehensive set of systems integration experience that begins from VoIP pre-deployment analysis, optimal planning, design, deployment and commissioning of VoIP based Voice services. VoIP unlike data communication is very sensitive to jitter, network problems, long delays and packet loss. It needs sustained high performing networks for good quality voice calls, therefore any degradation would leave the user frustrated. Our teams are proficient at pre and post deployment evaluation using performance tools and techniques that help identify areas of issues and the probable remediation techniques including optimal QoS policies.

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