WAN Engineering

Today’s world is more economically liberalized and flat than ever before. Corporates are spanning across cities, countries and continents. Business and Conglomerates have various kinds of point of presence across the globe that includes people, processes and customer centers. Companies in this more dynamic Business world have to strategize, decentralize their business functions and operate them out of geographically dispersed locations for reasons such as cost-effectiveness, risk aversion, resiliency, customer-centricity, growth and many other crucial reasons. Information Technology, Data Centers and WAN (Wide Are Networks) connect, enable and make business function in coalescence through various physically distant locations.

WAN Engineering therefore drives entire crucial integration of the global locations. Our teams possess the expertise of delivering value in this core-engineering segment right from planning, design, deploy, configuration, implementation, commission and overall coordination. We have gained experience in deploying solutions that include WAN inter-network protocols such as Frame-Relay, SDLC, X.25, ATM, SMDS, HSSI, ISDN’s (BRI-PRI), Point-to-Point, OC3/12, DSL’s, VPN, MPLS and etc.

We have over the years also mastered other ancillary but critical services associated with WAN engineering such as Network Capacity Planning, Network Performance Engineering, Network Resiliency Assessment, Network Monitoring and Reporting.

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