E2E Infrastructure Architecture Design

Revenue generating Business processes comprise of one or more applications. These applications and its crucial transactions depend upon common and specific set of infrastructure components. These Business applications use various sets of servers such as Web, Application, Proxy servers, load balancers, firewall, distributed and mainframe databases. They may also depend upon input and output feeds, market data, messaging systems, FTP and NDM, and other mainframe systems besides the entire networking gear. Medium, large corporates and conglomerates have even more complex infrastructure. Evolution of Businesses and further Merger and Acquisitions have made size and number of infrastructure elements enormous. This can introduce an another dimension of uncontrolled, unplanned, unknown and challenge-to-manage scenarios.

Our teams approach and step in such environments using a well-defined methodology. We use Application Centric methods to cater to infrastructure needs of such critical applications and Business processes. We use our proven best practices wherein we segregate the existing and new infrastructure into common and specific set of infrastructure footprints. Our expert Engineers apply the E2E Infrastructure Architecture Design process that uses carefully the overall firm-wide framework of Infrastructure, its standards, policies including risk and security mandates that ensures information safeguards and design considerations that include resiliency, high availability, performance, capacity impacts, latency effects, network routes, virtualisations, operational smoothness, cost & consolidation and other application and infrastructure influencing factors that deliver successful business transactions. Our teams use firm-wide approved, available design patterns, alternative architectures including newly arrived and emerging but tested technology advancements that ensures designs that are robust, fast-performing and latest. We use this successful E2E Infrastructure Architecture Design practice that is primarily driven by applications. Our prudent Architects apply the above practices to build new infrastructure setups, enhance already existing footprints, during application migration and Application on-boarding.

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