E2E Resiliency Analysis

Business Process availability depends upon underlying software applications and infrastructure. Acquaintance of this end-to-end software processes and infrastructure supporting the Business Applications and Transactions is critical. Our teams identify the critical transactions and their touch-points that span across global IT infrastructure crossing data centers. We use forensic techniques and tools to discover various infrastructure elements across the paths connecting these tiers, touch-points and dependencies. This would encompass, various servers, specific key paths, routers, switches, load-balancers, networks, connectivity's to third parties, feeds, market-data, mainframes, new & legacy devices. Our teams are well versed to discover and assimilate the entire E2E software processes and Infrastructure for the Business Process.

We use our proprietary methods to conduct a dependency analysis that leads our team to determine resiliency of the overall infrastructure. This analysis leads our teams to interesting sets of findings that we present to client with associated recommendations and suggest possible remediation techniques.

This proven practice has earned our clients a better IT availability reputation, saved our clients from potential and detrimental failures. This practice is earning us credibility and they see us as a reliable Business and IT partner.

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